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Knit Show – Introduction

“Knit Show” is a popular exhibition for devoted to the textile industry and more particularly to the knitting industry of Tiruppur – India’s No. 1 knitting industry hub. “Knit Show” is owned and organized by Knit Show Trade Exposition based in Tirupur. It is one of those rare expo companies to have completed more than three decades of impeccable service to the knitting industry of Tiruppur.

Knit Show is among the earliest companies to disseminate information to stake holders in the knitting industry by providing data that is relevant to the progress of the industry as a whole. From publications to providing a platform for vendors and consumers to exchange cement business relationships, we have come a long way. It is our humble revelation that we have miles to go and the mission we embraced and embarked will continue relentlessly.

Knit Show – Connecting Businesses

Marketing in Tiruppur’s highly competitive environment can be a really debilitating experience for many marketers who are entering the region for the first time. Though the region’s quest for quality textile accessories and machinery is legendary, penetrating through the firewall is really a tough job not many will be willing to go through. This is where our flagship event “Knit Show” can help your business discover the real potential of a sophisticated market that is just made for businesses like yours. Our expo is designed to penetrate through the firewall effortlessly. We like to see businesses succeed and we will love to see you at our events.

Participating in “Knit Show” is a big advantage for business because we laid the foundation for consumers to trust our expo for locating quality vendors. Participating in our expo means your business is being positively projected among consumers and you get the advantage of trust that is so important in Tiruppur’s business eco-system. For many of our participants “Knit Show” is a launching pad to building lasting relationship with the consuming industries of Tiruppur. Overall our expo gives vendors an advantage at low price that would otherwise cost a fortune if you did not participate in “Knit Show”.

Knit Show – Everything under a Single Roof

Textiles manufacture and more particularly the knitted garment segment is a complex business process. From procuring yarn to packing and dispatching to technically savvy consumers across the country and worldwide there are hundreds of processes that demand precision and quality. Thought this may sound mind boggling and a difficult to achieve task, it is nevertheless a huge opportunity for home-grown businesses as well as international suppliers. Tiruppur is a huge market for textile accessories and machineries, but lacks the exposure in the eyes of vendors who have not explored this virgin market.

If you are in the business of: supplying knitting machine, printing ink, accessories such as rope and embellishment, trims, tapes, sewing machines, cutting machines, printing and printing finesse machines, embroidery machines, needles, sewing thread, dyeing machines, fabric, lace, patches or dyes and chemicals, then your participation will enhance your reach into Tiruppur’s fast expanding market.

Participating at “Knit Show” is a simple process and we will guide you through the entire cycle starting from selecting the right stall to sending invitations to target visitors. Our database is a storehouse of information that becomes yours the moment you decide to participate at the expo. Positive results are easy to realize and this you can tell from the big list of participants who regularly participate at “Knit Show”.

Knit Show – Strategizing

Tiruppur is a round the year market for textile machinery and accessories. Technically anytime is good time to sell services and products in Tiruppur, but “Knit Show” is positioned to make the best use of time frame when sales and procurement programs seek big spikes. For businesses that are just making a foray this is a unique opportunity to discover new buyers and tie up sales with leading customers.

“Knit Show” is an event we organize every year in the month of August at the Velan Trade Fair Ground in Tirupur. The 17th Edition is due in 11-13 August, 2017 and is project to get around 30,000 footfalls – one of the highest for any event. More than the footfalls, you will be impressed by the quality of visitors we are sure.

Knit Show – The Advantage

“Knit Show” though its focus is on the knitting industry of Tiruppur is not all to it. “Knit Show” is a highly respected event among the textile industry of Erode, Karur, Salem and Coimbatore, besides Tiruppur. On an average at least a third of all visitors come from these regions looking for quality textile machinery and accessory vendors. Your presence can therefore make a big difference to how you launch your textile accessory/machinery business in this part of the country.

Of all the big advantages you will enjoy, you will be able to meet some of the top buyers in the region. It can be accessories, software, textile machineries, services or chemicals and process machineries for dyeing. Nowhere do so many decision makers assemble to kick start a procurement program. You will no doubt want to be where the action is taking place – the “Knit Show”. It may be of interest to know that “Knit Show” also attracts buyers from Kerala, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and participants from foreign countries such as South Korea, China, Europe and other Asian manufacturers.

For vendors participating at “Knit Show” it offers a lifetime chance to for building a brand image that will see you attaining great heights and higher sales. Brand image building is an in-built advantage when you participate in “Knit Show” and this you can tell from the way participants don’t miss the unique opportunity we extend.

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